Nomatter Life is a lifestyle blog that focuses on medicine, health, science and more.  Share professional, fun knowledge of life & health with you. There is nothing here but only the Aha moment that you’ve never imagined before.

about nomatterlife
Hi, my friends! My name is Eunice. I am a medical worker at the UCLA Medical Center. Now I am a stay-at-home mother of two kids. I have been writing blog posts for many years, and I finally have my own blog. (Smiling)
I realize that people have a misunderstanding that medicine is rocket science. It was not meant to be this way. In fact, it is interesting and closely related to our daily lives. It’s essential to our health that everyone should know, even though the three-year-old.
But some of the information on the Internet is uneven, and we are easily misled. I felt a great necessity to share with you the general knowledge of daily life and health science.
I usually read some of the top authoritative medical journals, papers and industry information (may be a bit boring to you), so I extract the essence of those classic works and summarize the easy-to-understand knowledge to you. (I try to be as lively and humorous as possible).
I not only like reading but also have a strong curiosity about the mysteries of human beings and the world. I like every experience of Aha moments, which brings new understandings towards life attitudes. I hope I can share this feeling with you.
The last point is, I have a fine hobby that relieves the stress and discomfort of my work and life every time, and that’s shopping (you know), and I’ll recommend something that I’ve used, and that’s really cost-effective. I hope you like it.
Writing and sharing is something that I want to stick to in my entire life.
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to click here.

In me, past, present, future meet
To hold long chiding conference.

My lusts usurp the present tense

And strangle Reason in his seat.

My loves leap through the future’s fence

To dance with dream-enfranchised feet.

In me the cave-man clasps the seer,

And garlanded Apollo goes

Chanting to Abraham’s deaf ear.

In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

Look in my heart, kind friends, and tremble,

Since there your elements assemble.


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